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Written Test in Imperial county

Written Test in Imperial

In order to successfully pass the tests, the candidates must carefully read the official California Driver Handbook. The written test is mandatory for all of those interested in driving at California State.

All the tests are available in different languages to give the foreign students the chance to pass the test in their current language. If the test is made in another language than English, please bear in mind that after this, a traffic sign test will be mandatory.

Please follow the next tips in order to help you to succeed:

  • Study the California Driver Handbook and learn the traffic signs before the test.
  • Familiarize yourself with the test at the DMV practise tests and practice the questions.
  • Once on the test read the questions calmly and be sure you understand the question before answering, as there is only one correct answer per question.

All tests consist of 36 questions for beginners, and 18 questions for those who are renewing their license. Each of these questions have only 1 correct answer and will give the examinee 3 possibilities to pass the exam.

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California DMV offices in Imperial

233 N. Imperial Avenue

El Centro DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1175 E. Main St.

Brawley DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

44480 Jackson St.

Indio DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

430 South Broadway

Blythe DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1901 Jamacha Road

Rancho San Diego CDL DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

74-740 Technology Drive

Palm Desert DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1450 Graves Avenue

El Cajon DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

6111 Business Center Court

San Ysidro DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

13461 Community Road

Poway Center DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

950 N. Farrell Drive

Palm Springs DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

30 N. Glover Avenue

Chula Vista DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

3960 Normal St.

San Diego DMV Office - Central


(800) 777-0133

4375 Derrick Dr.

San Diego - Clairemont DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

590 Rancheros Dr

San Marcos Rancheros DMV


(800) 777-0133

3668 Adobe Road G-J

Twentynine Palms DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

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