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Appointment in San Diego county

Appointment in San Diego

Make your appointment to save time and skip lines! Bear in mind that in most of the procedures, an appointment will be mandatory. You can contact and schedule your date by phone or using the Online service. The DMV offices are always available to help you and answer your questions with the greatest kindness.

Whether you need to register your car, change personal data, or if you are processing your driver's license for the first time, the DMV is always there available to assist you and solve your doubts.

It is worth mentioning that lately, due to the COVID situation, many of the offices are not available for new appointments, but there is a Kiosk Service at your disposal, and the phone or online services are open to assist you.

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California DMV offices in San Diego

3960 Normal St.

San Diego DMV Office - Central


(800) 777-0133

30 N. Glover Avenue

Chula Vista DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

4375 Derrick Dr.

San Diego - Clairemont DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1450 Graves Avenue

El Cajon DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

6111 Business Center Court

San Ysidro DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1901 Jamacha Road

Rancho San Diego CDL DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

13461 Community Road

Poway Center DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

590 Rancheros Dr

San Marcos Rancheros DMV


(800) 777-0133

4005 Plaza Drive

Oceanside DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

27851 Diaz Road

Temecula DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

2727 Via Cascadita

San Clemente DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

23535 Moulton Parkway

Laguna Hills DMV


(800) 777-0133

1200 S. State Street

Hemet DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

650 W. 19th Street

Costa Mesa DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

1330 E. First St.

Santa Ana DMV Office


(800) 777-0133

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